Nagpur: Highlighting the significance of motherhood and family in a successful professional life, doctors advised women to consider marriage and strive for their first baby before reaching the age of 30, reports Chaitanya Deshpande.

At the ‘Infertility: Present and Future Conference’ held in Nagpur this weekend, doctors from various regions of India discussed the future of infertility treatment and shared important lesser-known facts, particularly for young career-oriented women.

Dr Padmarekha Jirge, who recently assumed the position of chairperson for the Maharashtra chapter of the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), said, “Indian ovaries age six years earlier than those of Spanish women. This difference may be attributed to our ethnicity or genetics, resulting in the faster decline of our ovarian reserve compared to women in the western world.”

Dr Jirge’s published study, which compares the ovarian reserve of Indian women with that of European women (especially Spanish), provided scientific evidence supporting this known fact.

“While professional success is important, building a healthy family and ensuring a promising future generation are also significant responsibilities. It becomes challenging when couples approach us for IVF treatments at the age of 38 to 40,” Dr Shembekar explained.

Dr. Sadhana Patwardhan, secretary general of Maharashtra chapter of ISAR, urged youngsters to be healthy.

“Apart from delays in marriages and pregnancies, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to infertility,” she said.